Change and Chase: Updated!!

After a week or more, I finally able to update the blog. Well, the latest news seems to be satisfying (Personally for me).

Like the title said, my current project has grown smoothly. Here’s the progress:

  • Script 75% done!
  • Background image 100% set up!!
  • Event scene 25% done!
  • Character sprites 10% done!
  • BGM 50% set up!
  • SFX 15% collected!

Although this may not enough satisfying for some people, the project fortunately still goes on. I won’t back down of this, so rest assured. I won’t turn this project status into hiatus.

See you all again!!


Next project: Change and chase

I might exaggerating, but I’m quite happy that I can hosts my works. And now, I will continue to the second one. The next one is somewhat comedic. (Especially at the title). Well, this time it’s light hearted.

I mean it. My prediction and aim is that it will contain:

  • 50% comedy,
  • 05% drama,
  • 20% action,
  • 20% running around,
  • 05% etc.

IF I can, I would use sprites. Rather, IF I HAVE TO AND IF I COULD.

First Release. Here comes the second as the first !!

As mentioned in history (if you read it), this is actually my second KN.

Unfortunately, I’m rebuilding my first one due to my carelessness of deleting it permanently.

Including the window, mac and linux versions. Hosted in

Information (Just to make sure if you want to know a little before downloading.)


Greetings to everyone

I’m uselessp (alias). A newbie in this blog.

However, I intends to improve this blog so that it will be more useful.

This blog is dedicated to hosts free VN, informing the conditions, etc. Although mainly for VN I makes to be displayed here.

Well, for the first is Nice to meet you all, everyone who reads this blog. Wether you are only passing by whim or by any means you have, I will greet you again and again.

Welcome, and nice to meet you.

Feel free to browse around. By the way, the library has the info of my project. The gallery is still empty for now though.